Combination JetVac Units

Our combination units (single resolution vehicles or SRV’s) are often used where larger vehicles struggle to gain access. Using smaller vehicles also has a considerable economic benefit with much lower operational costs. Rioned offers a series of concept vehicles which can be easily configured with a range of practical and innovative options.

Example image


3.2T Ford Ranger

1200 Litre Tank

Powerful High Pressure Vacuum Pump


Example image

UniCom Standard Model

1500 Litre Tank

Storage Space

Suitable for all types of vehicle

Example image


Total Weight 10 or 12 Tonne 

3,500 Litre Tank

Compact Dimensions

Example image

7.5T RioCom

3,000 Litre Tank

Full Radio Remote Control

Compact Dimensions


Example image

4 Series Yanmar

3625psi @ 13GPM (250BAR @ 60LPM)

Yanmar 3TNV Low Noise 3 Cylinder Diesel

Triplex Plunger Pump