5 Series VanPack Jetter

  • 3625PSI @16GPM (250 BAR @ 72LPM)
  • Yanmar 4TNV88C 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine
  • Hydraulic HP Reel and Single-Wire Lightweight Hose
  • Electronic Push-button Control Panel
  • Plug and Play Radio Remote (optional)
  • 650 Litre Water Tank


The new 5-Series diesel van-pack jetting machine has been designed as a powerful, emissions-compliant solution for contractors tackling the toughest drainage tasks. Replacing the popular 4-Series as the most powerful in our range, the new jetter utilises a best-in-class Yanmar diesel engine to deliver 3000psi @16gpm performance and can be used in pipelines with a diameter of up to 350mm. Thanks to the inclusion of a diesel particulate filter (DPF), the 5-Series meets all Stage V emissions regulations with no compromise on performance.


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Best-in-class, emissions-compliant engine

The new 5-Series is powered by an industry-leading Yanmar 4TNV88CC 4- cylinder common rail, direct-injection diesel engine delivering 3000psi @16gpm performance. Current and future emissions standards have been key considerations in its development, with Yanmar’s direct-injection technology reducing emissions while increasing the engine’s fuel economy and power output. A DPF (diesel particulate filter) offers unparalleled environmental performance and further minimises the particulate matter in the machine’s exhaust gas, with levels continually monitored by the engine’s assist and reset regeneration functions to ensure optimum jetting performance while it is in use.

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Smart jetter engine monitoring

Yanmar’s new smart engine technology is included as standard with the new 5-Series. Enabling operators to accurately monitor the condition of the machine’s 4-Cylinder diesel engine, the integrated panel features an interactive LED display providing real-time readings of the engine RPMs, temperatures, pressures and working hours. Advanced machine diagnostics are also displayed on the panel, warning operators of potential malfunctions and improving user safety.

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Compact and lightweight van-pack jetter

Thanks to its new compact frame, the 5-Series can be fitted in most 3.5t drainage vehicles whilst still maintaining enough space for additional tools and ancillary equipment. Switching from a traditional radiator system to a heat exchanger keeps the machine’s dry weight to 670kg, allowing for the inclusion of a larger 650-litre water tank.

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Single-person jetting operations

The Andy Guest 5-Channel radio remote control is available alongside the new 5-Series to provide enhanced control when working at a distance from the jetting machine. Offering an increased bandwidth and reception range, the handset is designed for ease of use in the toughest conditions and is supplied with a transmitter unit, receiver, charger and antenna.

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Stack jetter configuration

The 5-Series can be supplied as a space-saving stack configuration. Standing at less than half the width of a conventional van-pack but offering the same performance, our stack jetters are a popular choice for contractors wishing to maximise the space and payload of multipurpose vehicles. Water tanks can be mounted separately for improved weight distribution.