Rioned eCityJet Van Pack Jetter

Rioned introduces the first fully electric sewer cleaning machine for pipes with a diameter of up to 350 mm. The eCityJet has all the features of the conventional CityJet and meets all current and future environmental standards. 

  • Fully Electric
  • Zero emission
  • Ideal for work in ultra low emission zones
  • Choice of pump (Speck) performance
  • Optional 7 channel radio remote control

The fully electric CityJet uses state-of-the-art technology, and features a strong electric motor powered by an extremely efficient battery pack. This means the machine produces zero emissions, which makes the eCityJet ideally suited for use in city centres where strict emission requirements apply and in areas that are completely or partially enclosed. The eCityJet has all the features of a conventional diesel-driven machine and is hardly heavier. Depending on the selected battery configuration, the empty machine weighs approximately 690 kg. The machine is also barely larger than a diesel-powered CityJet, making it suitable for most vans (such as Mercedes Vito or Sprinter or a Ford Transit).

The performance of the eCityJet is in no way inferior to that of diesel-driven machines. With a maximum working pressure of 200 bar and a water flow of 60 lpm, the machine is ideally suited for unblocking pipes up to 350 mm. With fully charged batteries, it can handle 6 unblocking operations. The eCityJet can be fitted with three 5 kWh batteries or six 5 kWh batteries. The batteries are charged using regular mains power from an ordinary wall socket. The charging time for three batteries is four hours and for six batteries approximately eight hours. You can even top up the charge during the day for longer flushing.