Pry, Gorilla, Crow & Pinch Bars

Draper Pry Bars

Part# HT100

3 Piece Pry Bar with chemically blackened finished blades with striking caps and impact-resistant soft-grip handles.

1 x Pry bar 300mm
1 x Pry bar 450mm
1 x Pry bar 600mm

Gorilla Bar Set


Low profile claw which fits further under the workpiece for increased prying power, and the wider claw surface offers better control whilst resisting sinking into the support surface.

1 x Gorilla Bar 356mm
1 x Gorilla Bar 610mm
1 x Gorilla Bar 914mm

Insulated Crowbar

Part# HT104

 Individually tested to 10,000 volts supplied with a Certificate of Conformity. One piece heavy duty fibreglass YD handle. One piece solid forged blade. Tempered for stength & rigidity. Epoxy paint coated. The collar incorporates a protective wear sleeve

Insulated Chisel 1520mm 

Steel Pinch Bar

Part# HT103

Chisel and Point crowbars, made from high quality steel with hardened tips.

Size: 1500mm X 28mm