Enz Technik Jetting Nozzles

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Enz® Technik AG Sewer Jetting Nozzles

Scotjet are the only Authorised distributor of Enz® Technik AG Sewer Jetting Nozzles and cutting tools in Scotland.

Enz manufacture the best quality and most technologically advanced jetting nozzles on the market from their factory in Switzerland. For over 20 years they have been at the forefront of jetting and they are the largest producers of jetting nozzles in the world.

With the aid of JetCal (shown right), Scotjet & Enz can enhance the performance of your jetting equipment, minimise pressure loss at the Nozzle saving water, fuel, time and money.

From a Van Pack to a Recycler, Enz have the nozzle for all sewer cleaning requirements.

Their range includes standard drain jets, bomb jets, spinning nozzles, chain flails, descaling nozzles and impact cutters.

Please contact us for a brochure or to discuss your sewer cleaning requirements or visit our trade counter in Glasgow to view our comprehensive stock of Enz Sewer Cleaning Nozzles.