1 Series VanPack Jetter

  • 3000PSI @ 8GPM (200 BAR @ 36LPM)
  • Briggs and Stratton Vanguard EFi V-Twin Petrol Engine
  • Single-wire Lightweight Jetting Hose
  • Triplex Plunger Pump with Automatic Pump Protection
  • Unloader + Anti-freeze Valve

The new specification 1-Series high-pressure van-pack jetting machine includes a fuel-injected petrol engine and upgraded high-pressure pump to offer new levels of performance and efficiency. Through advances in the manufacturing process, we have maintained the competitive price point to ensure the 1-Series remains one of the best selling machines on the market. The 1-Series can be installed in the smallest commercial vans due to a dry weight of under 250KG. Developed with the performance and specification of much larger jetting machines, it is the ultimate low-cost solution for domestic drainage and cleaning contractors and large scale users alike.

The 1-Series is available with a 5-Channel Radio Remote system upgrade, which includes a push-button control panel with electronic throttle. The new remote kit offers improved reception range and a dedicated charging station for safe, single-man operation in the toughest conditions.


Safety was a key aspect in the design of the 1-Series jetter, with the inclusion of automatic HP pump protection and engine revs reset; features not usually available at this specification and price point.

With a reliable and efficient 23.5HP OHV petrol engine, the high-performance 1-Series can be supplied with a sophisticated electronic control panel that eliminates the need for traditional operation levers. This enhances operation and means single-man remote control upgrades can be completed more cost effectively.

The lightweight machine features large capacity jetting and filling reels, unloader valve system and anti-freeze valve as standard. Installation and handling has been made extremely easy due to the inclusion of dedicated lifting points, and its compact dimensions mean the unit is smaller than a UK standard sized pallet.