Your Only Authorised Picote Reseller For Scotland

Picote Solutions is a leading innovator & manufacturers of quality pipe cleaning and trenchless rehabilitation machines and equipment from DN32 - DN300 / 1 1/4" - 12" pipes.

Picote Miller Range

Picote Milling Machines are designed with safety and efficiency in mind, to work with a comprehensive range of tools for small diameter drain renovation from DN32 - DN300 / 1 ¼" - 12" pipes. Choose from a range of sizes of machine to suit your needs. For fast and efficient drain cleaning including soft blockages, scale & calcium build-up and tree roots, as well as concrete and lead deposits and failed gaskets & imperfections in the pipe.

Picote Lateral Cutters

Picote specialises in innovative and cutting-edge lateral cutters for small diameter drains. Our range includes the award-winning Smart Cutter™ and Twister. Designed, tested and used everyday by the Picote CIPP Services Team working in DN32 - 300 / 1¼" - 12" pipes. Lateral cutters for cast iron, clay, concrete and even PVC pipes.

Picote Drain Cleaning Tools

Picote has developed a wide range of tools to use with Picote Millers for the very efficient high-speed drain cleaning of cast iron, clay, concrete and PVC pipes from DN32 - 300 / 1¼" - 12". 

Picote Collapsed Liner Tools

Liner failed? Turn failure into success. Remove a collapsed liner more quickly and efficiently than ever before with our range of tools specifically designed for the toughest of jobs.

Picote Root, Scale & Concrete Removal Tools

Tough roots, scale or blockages? Clean-up with our range of high-speed remedial tools

Picote Pipe Cutter

Cut back on costly mistakes with the Picote Pipe Cutter. For trimming back liner that has overshot into the main during the lining process

Picote Grabber Tool

The Grabber is a unique tool designed to reclaim tools and other items lost inside a pipe. Avoid digging up costly mistakes with this powerful air-driven device, which has cable inside allowing the operator to rotate the jaws and accurately locate the item weighing up to a staggering 68kg/150lb

Picote Brush Coating

The Picote Brush Coating™ System is a simple, fast and practical coating system used for drain and sewer renovation. Coat unlined or lined pipes or connections from DN32 - DN300 / 1¼" - 12" with a Picote Coating Pump and Miller combination. Coat anything from a small area (such as a lined connection) to entire piping systems, for example blocks of flats with our easy to use Smart Mixer and dual-colour 100% solids epoxy resin cartridges for cast iron, PVC, concrete or clay pipes.